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Shrouded Truth - a biblical past life book

A biblical past life book that through the past life regressions of eight people unveils the dramatic adventures and emotional experiences of those closest to Jesus. Its backed by biblical research and gives exciting new insights into the biblical period.

shrouded truth biblical past life book

Author: Reena Kumarasingham

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Book Content

The story of the book's creation, its uniqueness and significance, evidence for reincarnation and its place in the world’s great religions.

The early life of James the brother of Jesus, insights of the family and childhood, Jesus's time with the Essenes and Pharisees, the crucifixion.

The later life of James, carrying the message, time in Britain, his violent death.

How Paul discovered spirituality, time with Jesus, what Jesus briefed the disciples about in spreading his word.

The later life of Paul, teaching in Cyprus and Rome, how a Romanized version of Jesus's teaching was created, his violent death.

The early life of Mary Magdalene, her arranged marriage, how she broke out of an abusive marriage, the start of her relationship with Jesus.

Mary Magdalene's time with Jesus, the nature of their relationship, the explanation of how 'Lazarus was raised from the dead', the crucifixion.

The later years of Mary Magdalene, the escape to France, life with her children, a brief glimpse into her ministry, death.

The life of Marta - Mary Magdalene’s sister, the Feast of Cana, the water-into-wine ‘miracle’, crucifixion, escape to France and Britain.

The life of Thomas, his relationship with Jesus, how he eventually embraced his doubts, his visit to Tibet, India and Syria.

The early life of Sara, the daughter of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, relationship with Jesus, her devastation at the crucifixion.

The later life of Sara, the escape to France, her experience of taking over the teaching of her mother Mary Magdalene, Sara’s eventual death.

The life of David the son of John the Baptist, why he was hidden, the death of John the Baptist, his brutal untimely death in a bid to quash a rebellion of the Zealots.

The life of a young woman witnessing the Crucifixion and recognising what was really happening, an account that ties together the story of the Crucifixion.

The connection of a psychic to the Energy of Christ Consciousness to answer various questions – are these real past lives, were Jesus and his followers ordinary souls with strong connection to the Christ Consciousness or were they of divine origin, a closer examination of the Trinity argument.

A summary of the main story as well as a closer look at the methodology used to obtain the information.

The past life regression process, history of past lives for therapeutic use, the use of past lives for information gathering, skeptic views on past lives, between lives regression, websites, books.

A biblical past life regression that shows signs of confabulation, how to separate spotting the difference from authentic past life regressions.

"This is a beautiful powerful book. Well written and fascinating information, but above all it weaves a story of a real man. I have during my life rejected the paraphernalia of institutional religion. However I've always felt a connection to Jesus, yet to find him through religion was impossible for me; too many half truths and manipulations.

This book has allowed me to connect deeply to the essence of Jesus, I often found myself teary eyed and with goosebumps. I thoroughly recommend this book."

L White Amazon review.

"This hasn’t been written to try and bad-mouth religion and no one should feel apprehensive about reading it. All that’s needed is an open mind. I can’t say too much else about it because I don’t want to spoil what was discovered for anyone else but it’s a fascinating insight into the life of Jesus.

Whatever faith you do or don’t have; whether you believe in Jesus as a man or the divine son of God, this book still embraces the message and teachings he love one another as connected human beings and to love the earth that we live on and everything in it."

Stuart Bone Amazon review.

"I loved reading this book. The information feels authentic and makes sense of many things in terms of the complex interweaving of truths and untruths about Jesus and his teachings that have existed for so long. The information that unveils through past-life regressions is fascinating and is complemented by thorough research by the author. This book also sheds light on Mary Magdalene and the importance of sacred relationship. An important and inspiring book with a message that we all have the potential to embody love, as Jesus did, an ordinary, yet amazing man."

Rachel Amazon review.