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Inner Healing Journey - a regression therapy book

This regression therapy book by medical doctors has eleven patient healing stories using past life regression therapy. They cover the themes of: marriage crisis, issues in love and relationships and unexplained medical conditions. It also includes their personal journey of incorporating past life regression therapy in their medical setting to help their patients in a more holistic fashion.

inner healing journey regression therapy book

Editor: Dr. Peter Mack

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Book Content

Healing Journey by Dr. Peter Mack
Moving Forward by Dr. Peter Mack

Inner Child Healing in Strained Relationships by Dr. Soumya Rao
Self-Love and Self-Destruction by Dr. Karin Maier-Henle
Struggling for Love by Dr. Sérgio Werner Baumel

Body Therapy for Refractory Asthma by Dr. Moacir Oliveira
Past Life Origin of Chronic Pain by Dr. Moacir Oliveira
Metaphor for Autoimmune Disorder by Dr. Natwar Sharma
Assisting Reproduction by Dr. Sérgio Werner Baumel

APPENDIX: Overview of Regression Therapy

"Excellent and well worth reading. A very interesting perspective on the effectiveness of Past Life Regression Therapy by Medical Doctors. A must read for anyone who is interested in this area."

DB Amazon review

"I admire these medically trained doctors who are willing to step out of their boundaries to practise something they truly believe in to help heal their patients. Thanks to these doctors for sharing their wonderful journey in their holistic healing journey.

A must read for those seeking alternative answers to their problems."

Renuka Amazon review.

"The stories are incredibly inspiring and healing with a powerful impact. I highly recommend this book to those who want to make positive changes in themselves."

Shirley Amazon review.