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Mirrors of the Mind - a meditation and regression therapy book

This past life book is an account of a healing and spiritual journey of a doctor to find meaning in her life while under the guidance of another senior doctor. The tools of meditation and regression therapy were used for healing.

mirrors of the mind meditation and regression therapy book

Authors: Dr. Peter Mack and Dr Nicole Lee

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Book Content

Victim Mentality by: Dr. Nicole Lee
Self-Empowerment by: Dr. Nicole Lee
Guides, Soul and Higher Self by: Dr. Peter Mack
The Path to Spirituality by: Dr. Nicole Lee
Leap of Faith by: Dr. Nicole Lee
Envy and Jealousy by: Dr. Nicole Lee
Choice and Regret by: Dr. Nicole Lee
Cosmic Reminders by: Dr. Nicole Lee
Inner Healing by: Dr. Nicole Lee
Tarot Imagery and Healing by: Dr. Peter Mack
Paradox of the One and Many by: Dr. Nicole Lee
A New Beginning by: Dr. Nicole Lee
Purpose of Life by: Dr. Peter Mack
Appendix I: Imagination, Imagery and Healing
Appendix II: The Soul in Reincarnation

"I never knew what hypnosis or regression therapy was about until I read this book! The author, Nicole, faced with several almost-disabling life issues, turns to Dr Mack, the therapist; and under therapy, uncovers a whole bunch of these issues through a series of vivid imageries. Then, guided further, she tries to understand the meaning of these imageries in her own life and works out deep seated issues such as jealousy, self-worth, duty to family versus achieving ones own dreams.

What strikes me is while the imageries seem almost supernatural in description, the insights are so real and relevant to day to day life. It helps that Dr Mack writes accompanying and possible explanations to Nicole's experiences to guide the reader. "

Tiffany Tang Amazon review

"Reading this book is like attending a crash course in the meaning of life because it is an easy but fruitful read full to the brim with pearls of wisdom. Kudos to the two doctors for sharing their story of healing outside of mainstream medicine."

JC Amazon review.

"Written by two medical doctors trained in scientific thinking, this book opens a window into the vast possibilities of spiritual healing beyond what conventional science and medicine can offer. An enlightening and mind-opening read!"

Serene See Amazon review.