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Wisdom of the Christ Consciousness

Reena Kumarasingham

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Approximately 4,000 years ago, Moses ushered in the Age of Aries from the age of Taurus. 2,000 years later, Christianity entered the scene at the beginning of the Pisces Age 2,000 years ago and shared the symbol for Pisces, which is the fish. Today, we are moving through to the Age of Aquarius, which general consensus says when the March equinox point moved out of the constellation Pisces and into the constellation Aquarius.

At the cusp of each New Age comes a shift, in change in Consciousness. With this change comes the opportunity of a new way Being. There is an opportunity to shift and embrace the New Consciousness. One of the ways to do this is to re-examine old belief systems and patterns and find the ones that resonate with us in the New Consciousness.

In the Old Consciousness, the Christian Cross represents the love that Jesus demonstrated to all through his death by crucifixion. Because of his love, he sacrificed himself for the salvation for all. However, there is another significance that the Christian Cross could symbolise. The first book of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, follows the past life memories of eight souls closest to Jesus and takes readers through the turbulent times and events of the biblical era through their eyes. One of the souls that was regressed went back to the life of Doubting Thomas, one of the disciples of Jesus.

In this book,Thomas describes the connection and unifying of energy that he shares with the other Disciples of Jesus. He stands in a circle with others and links hands. As a group, they link to the energy from the sky and the ground, as well as through the arms – totally connected.

If we could imagine, unbeknown to the naked eye, there is an intricate web of Consciousness all around us. We are all part of this Web. Every single entity with a natural Consciousness is part of this Web – flora, fauna, the subtle, the tangible and the intangible are irrevocably linked to one another via this web. Every single one of us is an integral link in this web – connecting to one another.

As such, we are all responsible for the Entirety of the Web. Every thought, emotion, vibration of that we expel flows through the Whole. If we pump out joy, love and serenity, joy, love and serenity will flow through the Web. If we pump out greed, fear and judgement, greed, fear and judgement will flow through the Web. Everything that flows through the Web affects each individual link of the Web – and therefore affects each individual Consciousness.

We are all responsible for the condition of the Whole Web, and are affected by the Whole. When the Web changes, the change ripples through the links and could potentially affect each individual. When we choose to break the links from the Whole, this too causes a reverberation to filter through the Whole and change the dynamics of the individual links.

Everyday, millions of interactions occur within the Web by the different individuals - some very subtle, and unknowingly, and some very loudly and in full exposure by every other link. By constantly focusing on the tangible, we miss the myriad of miracles of the subtle that flow through the individual links of the Web, and thereby affecting the whole. We become unaware of the workings of and disconnected from the Web as a Whole.

For example, at a personal level, we focus so much on the big things that happen in our lives, and oversee, by taking for granted, the countless simple miracles that take place everyday. Whilst it is unknown exactly when nor why we disengaged quite this much from the Web – but it means that we can re-engage with the subtleties again and appreciate the wonders of the Whole, and the New in the New Consciousness.

Everything we say, do, think and choose will affect the Whole Web of Consciousness. Each individual has the power to enhance or destroy the Fabric of Consciousness by nothing more than a flick of a thought.

It’s not about the drawing of the Christ Consciousness from the outside, but the reawakening, re-membering and embracing the Cristos within us.

The power is within us.